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Biar adil, jadi saya share juga disini. Banyak kesalahan grammar and vocabnya kayanya tapi ya ilmunya paten banget nih (kalau ngerti bacanya wkkkkk :v)

Selamat Menikmati, my very very first english article in the world! :D


As a Mind Technology Practitioner from 2003, what i say here is from my learning experience for years. This method is so simple but if you open your mind and do some action to it, it will solve your problem easily :)

This method contain the knowledge of Self Hypnosis, Quantum Approach and Mind Power that i learn about that for so many years and in most case, it really works :)

But first, im really really sorry bout my english, because it is the first i write in english. Usually i write in Indonesian Language (i have more than 800 articles write in facebook by the way hehehe) but this time i try to share in english language :D

Please forgive me for the grammatical form or wrong vocab etc, but i try my best and i hope you like it and still understand what i mean. 

If you’re not understand yet, you can ask me and i try my best to answer it more simply :)

Ok, let’s start our powerful journey :D

Hope it can help you :)

Here’s the simple technique to solve your problem with the power of your subconscious mind. You dont know the power of it yet, until you give it a try ;)

1. Find a calm place and when you get that, sit comfortably and close your eyes smoothly.

2. Take a super deep breath several times. When you take the breath in say to your self and feel it totally:

‘I take all the stress and pressure and when you breath out say ‘i release all of it’

Do it several times or more, until you feel more relax and your mind calm.

You can note it if you feel this:

Your hands feel warmer then before

You start to swallow your saliva

You feel soo lazy to move 

Your breath feel smooth 

You can hear your internal self talk more clear 

If you feel all the list above, you start to go into the Trance State and you ready to do this Searching Affirmation.

Your subconscious mind work like Google and you can search any answer you want, any question that make you confuse all the time. 

3. But off course with the special condition which is, you have to go into the trance state or deep relaxing mind so your ‘Personal Google’ could googling the answer and make you got the answer :)

And when feel relax and your mind calm than before, thats the perfect time for you to do this simple question to your subconscious mind:

‘Since when i got this problem?’

‘When the first time i got this problem?’

The answer will come to you according your dominant modality. 

If you tend to be a Dominant Visual, the answer maybe come in a visual form. You may remember visually the first time you got the problem and why in a Filmic form. There’s colour, people, and you see clearly in your mind, what happen there.

If you tend to be an auditory (hearing), you will get answer like someone tell you directly about what’s wrong with your life. It’s like talk with someone but you dont see him/her.

If you tend to be a Kinestetic Modality (Feel) you will feel some discomfortable in a or some of your body and that’s a sign from your subconscious mind. You can feel that part and ask ‘What do you want to say?’ and listen the answer

The answer will lead you the root cause of the problem and when you got the root, the rest were much easier. Like the wise word say: ‘Understand the problem is a half solving it’

4. Ok, after you know the answer, you can activate the power of your subconscious mind with this powerful question:

‘How it feels like if the problem solved elegantly?’

And let your subconcious create the joy, the happiness, the great feeling when the problem is over. Enjoy the great feeling and let all of your senses feel the super happiness. 

This act will activate the Law of Attraction and your subconscious mind (with the permission of God or whatever you believe about The Ultimate Super Power) will start to solve the problem. 

But, it will works if you still do the best you could to solve the problem in reality and you totally surrender to God, whatever will happen in the future. 

Just do your very best and God, from the subconscious power channel will help you to solve the problem :)

5. The Key is DO IT and FORGET IT and Do Your Very Best in reality.

The other way you can get the answer and solve your problem is, you can talk to your subconscious mind right before you sleep at night like this:

‘All this problem solve elegantly and make happiness to anyone which are involved’ 

Repeat this ‘mantra’ over and over until you get sleep and repeat it several times when you wake up in the morning. To make it more effective, you have to say it slowly and smoothly, so that your subconscious could accept your message clearly and throw it into the universe and bring back the answer or solve your problem in a miracle way, with permission of God offcourse :)

Why we have to affirm the mantra before sleep and wake up in the morning?

Its because your subconscious mind open sooo widely and whatever self talk you do in that time, it most likely will be the reality. 

So, becareful of your self talk or what you do in that special time ok? ;)

Ok, now its the perfect time to DO IT NOW as strong as you can.

I hope you like this and give some help to solve your problem :)

Feel Free To SHARE IT and send love to anyone you care about :)

Salam :)

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I hope we can communicate joyfully and share the happiness together :)

Thank You :)

Pekalongan, Indonesia, 11 August 2017, 21.00 PM

Fahmy Arafat Daulay 

Mind Technology Practitioner since 2003